Academy Summer Online Registration Form

Staten Island Academy
715 Todt Hill Road
Staten Island, NY 10304

July 6 - August 7, 2020
Registration Deadline: Friday, July 3rd

With Academy Summer Online, students can sustain their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning through the summer with a diverse selection of online courses. With classes capped at 10 students, your child is guaranteed an individualized enrichment experience.

For more information, please contact Eileen Corigliano, Assistant Head of School:

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Please select the courses below:

Course Name Instructor Grade Range Days Time
Cultural Study-Greece Sarah Powell 2 and 3 MWF 9-10am
Sarah Powell 2 and 3 MWF 10-11am
Storytime With Ms. Watson Shyiesha Watson Pre-K3 - 4 MWF 10:30-11:30am
Camp Style Crafts Jessica Kaskel Pre-K-8 TTH 1-2pm
Creative Writing Class Susan Fiorentino 2-4 MWF 3:30-4:30pm
Reading and Writing Reimagined Eman Metwally 2 and 3 MWF 10:30-11:30am
Passport to the World Ashley Schirripa 1-6 TTH 8-9:30am
STEM Sarah Powell 4-6 TTH 9:30-11 am
Cupcake Battle Linda Martin 4-6 TTH 1-2:30pm
Super Sleuths Jacqueline Stevens 4-6 MWF 1-2pm
Beyond the Selfie Claire Crane 5-8 MWF 10-11:am
Book Study Jill Porrino 3-6 TTH 9-10:30am
Welcome to Hogwarts Victoria Diglio 3-6 TTH 10-11:30am
Introduction to Watercolor Bianca Laudiero 3-6 MWF 10-11am
Sorting American Presidents Sam Adler 3-6 MWF 11am-12pm
The History of Immigration in NYC Erica Martin 5-6 MWF 2-3pm
Everyday Science Is All Around Us Clay Wollney 4-8 MWF 11am-12pm
It's a Big World Clay Wollney 5-8 TTH 11am-12:30pm
Brain Teasers and Word Games Mike Mazella 5-8 MWF 10-11 am
Memorable Dates in Sports History Mike Mazella 5-9 MWF 11am-12pm
Mandarin Basics Claire Maccabee 5-9 MWF 10-11 am
Can Writing Change the World? Joseph Smith 7-10 MWF 10-11 am
Algebra for Physics Jenn Overton 8-12 MWF 11am-12pm
Latin Via Spell-Casting (for students with <1 year of Latin) Meredith Boonshaft 6-12 MWF 1-2pm
Reimagining the Greek and Roman Pantheons Meredith Boonshaft 6-12 MWF 2:15-3:15pm
Introduction to 2D Animation Alex Voutsinas 7-12 MWF 12-1pm
Introduction to Coding (Pre-req: Algebra) Alex Voutsinas 8-12 TTH 1-2:30pm
Around the World in 10 Plates Claire Crane 7-12 TTH 12-1:30pm
The Importance of Healthy Living Chelsea Ambrosino 5-12 TTH 9-10:30am
World War II: A Global History Marc Goodwin 8-12 MWF 10-11am
Introduction to Social Psychology Emma Master 7-12 TTH 10:30am-12pm
Was George Washington Great? Sam Adler 7-12 MWF 1-2pm
Creative Writing for Muggles and Wizards Tina Santino 9-12 TTH 10:30am- 12pm
Masters of Latin American Short Story Carmen VQ 9-12 TTH 1-2pm
Wave Motion Jenn Overton 9-12 MWF 10-11 am
History of Photography Antonia Young 9-12 TTH 10-11:30am
SAT Math Preparation Ying Yu 10-11 TTH 12:30-2pm
ACT Math Peparation Ying Yu 10-11 TTH 2 - 3:30pm
Trignometry Ying Yu 9-12 TTH 3:30-5pm
Thinking Mathematically Ying Yu 9-12 MWF 1-2pm
Introduction to Linear Algebra Ying Yu 10-12 MWF 2-3pm
(includes $20 non-refundable registration fee)
Number of classes

$500 per class